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Soloveva E., Skleimova M., Minaycheva L., Garaeva A., Zhigalina D., Churkin E., Okkel Yu., Timofeeva O., Petrov I., Seitova G., Lebedev I., Stepanov V.
Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics. 2024. Apr 5. doi: 10.1007/s10815-024-03105-w.

To present the developed preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) for spinocerebellar ataxia type 1 (SCA1) and the outcomes of IVF with PGT.
PGT was performed for two unrelated couples from the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) with the risk of SCA1 in one spouse. We have developed a system for PGT of a monogenic disease (PGT-M) for SCA1, which includes the analysis of a panel of 11 polymorphic STR markers linked to the ATXN1 gene and a pathogenic variant of the ATXN1 gene using nested PCR and fragment analysis. IVF/ICSI programs were performed according to standard protocols. Multiple displacement amplification (MDA) was used for whole genome amplification (WGA) and array comparative genomic hybridization (aCGH) for aneuploidy testing (PGT-A).
Eight STRs were informative for the first couple and ten for the second. Similarity of the haplotypes carrying pathogenic variants of the ATXN1 gene was noted. In the first case, during IVF/ICSI-PGT, three embryos reached the blastocyst stage and were biopsied. One embryo was diagnosed as normal by maternal STR haplotype and the ATXN1 allele. PGT-A revealed euploidy. The embryo transfer resulted in a singleton pregnancy, and a healthy boy was born. Postnatal diagnosis confirmed normal ATXN1. In the second case, two blastocysts were biopsied. Both were diagnosed as normal by PGT-M, but PGT-A revealed aneuploidy.
Birth of a healthy child after PGT for SCA1 was the first case of successful preimplantation prevention of SCA1 for the Yakut couple and the first case of successful PGT for SCA1 in Russia.

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