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Dear colleagues and friends!
In 2007, our institute has celebrated its 25th anniversary. The institute has been established as the small branch of the Moscow Institute of Medical Genetics of the USSR Academy of Sciences, which then became an independent institution. Establishment of the Institute as the first medical genetic institution in Siberia was performed by Academicians A.I. Potapov and N.P. Bochkov.
A quarter of a century is not a long period in our life, but in the age of changes the time is measured in events. The past years were utterly rich in events. We changed together with the country: reorganized the development strategy, looked for ways to reform research and apply them to new life conditions, took the care of development of the worthy young generation of scientists and physicians, and aimed at being at the front line of genetics, which developed at those years faster than any other field of knowledge. 
We took an active part in the Russian Human Genome Project and contributed to investigation of the structural and functional genome organization, discovery and mapping of new genes, and study the role of heredity in development of common human diseases. We have stored important evidences confirming the concept of future medicine, namely, personalized medicine. Researches of the institute in ethnogenetic have opened new, still unknown pages in the history of Siberian ethnos generation and evolution of their gene pools. Studies in ontogenesis cytogenetics, epigenetics, reproductive medicine, and clinical genetics are being successfully continued. Today the Genetic Clinic of the Institute is a Federal Center in medical genetics of the Russian Ministry of Health, and the institute is a World Health Organization Collaborating Center.
Scentific Director of the Institute
Academician of RAS, Professor
Honored Worker of Science of the Russian Federation                     Valery P. Puzyrev

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